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What size SD card shall I bring to a dating shoot ?

We say minimum 8gb to be sure but 16gb even better. If you don't have the time to buy one then we always have them on site for £10 . You can pay into our paypal account or bring £10 cash with you on the day. A normal SD Card is good but you can also bring a micro SD Card providing you have the adaptor with it - 99% are sold with this adaptor in the package in the shops. At present we cannot use nano SD Cards . If you bring your own SD Card please bear in mind our cameras may request it to be reformatted ie wiped before they will store pics so perhaps transfer that old data you wish to keep to your laptop before you get to your shoot. If we find that your own card needs reformatting then we will give you the chance to buy one of ours on site. Hopefully that doesn't seem too complex above but put simply , if in any doubt just buy one of our cards on-site which you can take away and keep at the end of the shoot .

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