Bring hats, caps, glasses, props and whatever else makes you you. 

Dating pics same day service 

 When you book your shoot you will recieve an email or text confirming our meet point at Waterloo within a couple of hours. Please do not turn up on site until we have sent you your confirmation email or text message. Our trademark  is super value London dating photography shoots where we will give guidance on how to pose and what to wear. Bring six to eight top changes if you are unsure and accessorize ie bring a tie, scarf, glasses, hat, etc. Shooting time will finish approximately 20 mins before the two hour session is over , and this time is used for your appraisal. Please make sure your phone is fully charged so can you take pictures from the camera display as a reminder of our favourite choices. You will then take the sd card with you and will have all of the 400+ images to keep from the shoot that day.  We will meet you for your chosen session in Central London, and usually outside Waterloo station on the corner of Sandell Street at its junction with Waterloo Road SE1.


Unfortunately due to the current situation and lockdown, we have lost our changing facilities so only top changes are possible unless you bring a car. Girls should bring a large towel to use as a wrap to change in if possible. We guarantee this loss of facilities will not effect the quality of your shots in any way whatsoever. 


If you can bring an SD Card (£9 from supermarkets ) then you will go away with all the images from the shoot that day or choose the 800 pic shoot and the SD Card is included.  If you don't have time to grab an SD card then we will have one on site which you can buy for £10 or we will email you the best 20 pics from either shoot within 24 hours. Bring cash to shoot if you want to buy one (email us after the shoot if you need a receipt) or pay £10 into our paypal account before you arrive in case wifi etc is not available on site. As you would expect, we regret we will not be able to give you your SD card until it is paid for. We will include free of charge Editorial High Contrast Monochrome (uber cool darker black and white), Retro and HDR painting ( fabulous filmposter-look) ,posterization ,tinted , and filter effects whilst on location to your pics to give your profile the wow factor. 

You can bring as many clothing changes as you like , but 6 to 8 top changes changes is usually ample to allow for changing times etc.

Above all these are fun shoots and you will be pleased with the results. We will walk to and arrive at approximately 12 locations (all in reasonably close proximity) so your profile shots will all have different backgrounds,and wont look in the slightest like you took them on the same day.

Natural-looking authentic profiles are our goal.  We will not leave the shoot until you are completely happy. Importantly, our paps will let you review every shot on the camera as the session progresses. We know exactly what sort of images will work for you due to our experience as dating photo experts, but feel free to make suggestions and requests too at any stage. If you really aren't happy with your resulting images, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

We also guarantee that you will experience an improved response on the dating sites but it is important that you try at least one or two of our photographers chosen six shot profiles in full for a fortnight with each profile, which involves all your new picpaps shots exclusively. if you don't have time for our on-site appraisal in the final 20 minutes of the shoot , then you can take your 400+ shots away on the day on an sd card and then send them back to us on Google Drive for a 24 hour appraisal, where we will pick out your 20 best main and supporting images.  We particularly ask that you use none of your old shots for maximum effectiveness.  This way you can honestly guage how your new picpaps shots are working.  We also recommend rotating profiles every 2/3 weeks or if if you haven't got the time then at least change the main picture. 


  In bad weather we have a raft of undercover locations so shoots will still go ahead.  If you do need to cancel or reschedule please give us at least 24 hours notice if possible.