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Why no brands and logos on my shoot ?

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Good point : we've been doing this for 7 years and because many of our customers send us updates on what photographs are working best for them, it gives us an unrivalled and unique insight into the sort of image that will bring you succcess on the apps. . Our job is made easier if you appeal to everyone and not just a few and then you can take your pick. Best and simplest explaination is to quote our website as below :

"Unfortunately we are unable to include large brand or fashion logos in your shoot for two reasons : firstly they can be a distraction as they tend to draw the eye away from the subject (you) and can spoil that so important first moment when he or she swipes you, and weaken the intensity of all our hard work ! Secondly, we have found that you will get a better response on the apps wearing a generic, plainer or even understated shirt or top which wont put off potential partners who may not want to swipe someone looking too "blingy" or too "showy" due to a designer- logo in the middle of the shot. We want you to appeal to EVERYONE on the apps and not just a few, in order that you achieve the maximum choice of dates and improved responses. Don't buy clothes especially though, as we can 'cheat' with angles and camera positioning, so you can still be featured with your favourite shirt or other outfits."

Hopefully that sums it up . Its a "love or hate" look and on the apps none of us can take that chance......

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