If you've ever sat on a train or a bus or sofa and blitzed all your dream dates on any of the public dating sites , and have then been disappointed with the response, then we have the solution. Firstly its nothing to do with how you look BUT it is everything to do with how you present yourself . Blurry, dark or over-exposed selfies masquerading as dating photos will leave you with the masses that are also swiping or choosing that same fabulous guy or amazing girl , and if any of your competitors have even slightly better dating photographs then you can predict the outcome.

Our dating photographer will guide you through poses, expressions, natural and choreographed set-ups, action and still shots , wardrobe , the correct mix of serious and funny and so on and you will end up with authentic, varied and contemporary-feeling images that you can upload that night to the sites. With your changes and our different styles of High contrast Black and White, Saturated Colour, etc and so on, you will have a wonderful portfolio of different looks, locations and moods which you can swap, rotate and refresh on the dating sites as you go along. As a bonus we will even point you in the right direction when it comes to venues, events or activities aimed specifically at singles and that we know actually work through our personal experiences. We started Picpaps four years ago because we felt in this day and age first impressions count more than ever. Meeting the right partner can and frequently does change your life and Picpaps are here to bring that event about as smoothly as possible. Please do try to book 24 to 48 hours of your required shoot slot for maximum availability.