How to get your profile in top-gear and hugely increase your appeal on the apps


 Included within The Profile Surgery For £79

  1. Appraisal of current profile photographs

  2. Breakdown of best main and supporting photographs 

  3. Review of your existing profile bios

  4. Check for fundamental turn-offs or errors 

  5. Check you are not saying too much or too little

  6. Make necessary additions and omissions 

  7. Check for spelling

  8. Check for grammar 

  9. Evaluation of swipeability 

  10. Your bios to all 3 apps rewritten and delivered back to you on the day by Watsap

Dating app rewrites from the Picpaps Dating Surgery (open Monday-Friday from 12 to 8pm) are a superb addition to your dating armoury and give superb reinforcement to your picpaps dating photographs. You don't need to have had a Picpaps Dating Shoot, but we will give you a free appraisal of your existing pics and base our evaluation on quality of photography, composition and likeabilty/attractiveness to the opposite sex . These will equate to a swipeability score out of 100% which is how likely you are to get swiped right in our eperienced opinion by an attractive member of the opposite sex. After 7 years in the dating photography business, we have a fairly good idea of what does and doesn't work on the apps as regards photographs.


Dull and dreary "me me me" bios just don't work anymore on todays apps, whereas say five years ago they weren't so important. Lockdown and having to stay in has bought in more customers for the big players but at the same time its made the competition for your dream date so much more intense, and both men and women have had to up wise up to this new environment and up their game when it comes to photographs and bios.  Its important to put yourself across well on the apps and we can help you do just that in perfect English and with excellent grammar, and add a touch of humour when and if its needed. We will make your profile both interesting and compelling , at the same time keeping just the right amount back to leave you an enigmatic mystery that he or she will be so curious to meet. 


We will ask you to Watsap us screenshots of your existing profile prompts and answers and then we will rewrite them for you and send them back to you within the hour complete with spelling and grammar corrections and with any changes that we deem necessary to optimize your performance on the apps. We will cover the 3 main apps in this time period and wil aim to get you up and running before the end of the session. We rarely have to carry out our Free Guarantee Shoot but in the few instances we have, it has ALWAYS been down to a fundamental error in the bio and we will check your profile for these "disaster phrases" or "faux pas" to ensure you don't make the same common mistakes. When you call us you will be connecting to a standard UK Mobile number with standard UK rates and we do not seek to make any profit from call charges. If you prefer we can call you back on a Landline or Mobile. Please feel free to chat to us before you book by calling our contact number on the homepage. We look forward to welcoming you to The Surgery.